The Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies.

BSPHS embraces a cross-disciplinary approach. We accept works of historical content and/or historical relevance belonging to disciplines outside the field of History such as Literary Studies, Historical Sociology, Historical Anthropology, Art History, etcetera. The main contents of the BSPHS are scholarly individual or coauthored articles, topical forum conversations, and book reviews. To experiment with the possibilities of digital academic publishing, we are also partnering with the Historias podcast ( to publish audio interviews with authors featured in the journal, and piloting a resource sharing initiative through Zotero ( where authors can publish curated collections of print and web resources.

Volume 46 Issue 1

General Issue

General Editor: Andrea R. Davis
Book Review Editor: Rachael Ball, Marta Valentin Vicente
Production Editor: Foster Chamberlin
Editorial Board Members: Miriam Shadis, Sean Perrone, Karoline Cook, Eugenia Afinoguénova, David Messenger


Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Arrives in Spain: The Gulag Debate and the Transition to Democracy
José Luis Aguilar López-Barajas - Friedrich Schiller Universität-Jena/Stiftung Ettersberg
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Forum: Doing Iberian Studies in Times of Crisis

Who remembers what and why in Portugal?
Filipe Ribeiro De Meneses - Maynooth University
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Book Reviews

New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Cuban History
Scott Eastman - Creighton University