BSPHS Volume 46 Issue 1

Volume 46 Issue 1

General Issue

General Editor: Andrea R. Davis
Book Review Editor: Rachael Ball, Marta Valentin Vicente
Production Editor: Foster Chamberlin
Editorial Board Members: Miriam Shadis, Sean Perrone, Karoline Cook, Eugenia Afinoguénova, David Messenger


Aleksander Solzhenitsyn Arrives in Spain: The Gulag Debate and the Transition to Democracy
José Luis Aguilar López-Barajas - Friedrich Schiller Universität-Jena/Stiftung Ettersberg
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Forum: Doing Iberian Studies in Times of Crisis

Who remembers what and why in Portugal?
Filipe Ribeiro De Meneses - Maynooth University
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Book Reviews

New Directions in Nineteenth-Century Cuban History
Scott Eastman - Creighton University