BSPHS Volume 45 Issue 1

Volume 45 Issue 1

General Issue

General Editor: Andrea R. Davis
Book Review Editor: Rachael Ball, Marta Valentin Vicente
Production Editor: Foster Chamberlin
Editorial Board Members: Miriam Shadis, Sean Perrone, Karoline Cook, Eugenia Afinoguénova, David Messenger


Forum: Doing Iberian Studies in Times of Crisis


Obituary of David Ringrose (1938-2020)
Pamela Radcliff - University of California, San Diego
Obituary of Aurora G. Morcillo (1962-2020)
Sandie E. Holguin - University of Oklahoma

Book Reviews

Review of Lauren Beck, Illustrating El Cid: 1498 to Today
Jennifer L. Heacock-Renaud - Augustana College
Review of Geoffrey Parker, Emperor: A New Life of Charles V
Elizabeth A. Terry-Roisin - Florida International University
Review of Christoph Rosenmüller, Corruption and Justice in Colonial Mexico, 1650-1755
Viviana L. Grieco - The University of Missouri – Kansas City