BSPHS Volume 47 Issue 1

Volume 47 Issue 1

General and Special Issue

General Editor: David A. Messenger
Special Issue Editor: Katie Harris and Pamela Radcliff with Andrea R. Davis
Book Review Editor: Rachael Ball, Marta Valentin Vicente
Production Editor: Foster Chamberlin
Editorial Board Members: Miriam Shadis, Sean Perrone, Karoline Cook, Eugenia Afinoguénova, Marina Perez de Arcos, Sasha Pack


Special Issue: New Currents in Iberian History

Introduction: New Currents in Iberian History: Old Boundaries and New Bridges
Katie Harris - University of California, Davis and Pamela Radcliff - University of California, San Diego
 Historias Podcast
Peninsularity: Iberian Studies and the Mediterranean Turn
Andrew W. Devereux - University of California, San Diego
Race in Early Modern Iberia
Erin Kathleen Rowe - Johns Hopkins University


Obituary of John H. Elliott (1930-2022)
Richard L. Kagan and Geoffrey Parker

Book Reviews

Review of Theresa Earenfight, Catherine of Aragon: Infanta of Spain, Queen of England
Marie A. Kelleher - California State University, Long Beach