CFP: Material Culture and New Approaches to the Arts of the Early Modern Hispanic World

College Art Association Annual Meeting in New York City, February 15-18, 2017, Panel Sponsored by the American Society of Hispanic Art Historical Studies (ASHAHS):

“Material Culture and New Approaches to the Arts of the Early Modern Hispanic World”

The Early Modern Hispanic world encompassed vast and diverse territories in which objects circulated, were shared and exchanged, collected, displayed, altered, and appropriated to communicate diverse ideologies and to fashion multifaceted identities. In recent decades, the interdisciplinary study of material culture—broadly defined to include all objects and things modified by humans—has significantly expanded the field of art history by prompting art historians to reconsider the materiality of traditional art forms and by drawing their attention to the circulation and consumption of goods, the history of science and technology, and the configuration of domestic, natural, and urban spaces. This session welcomes papers that examine the relationship between art history and material culture in the Hispanic world and that offer innovative readings of Hispanic art rooted in the study of material culture. What can we learn by considering artworks produced in the Hispanic world as material objects, and how does the study of material culture enhance our understanding of the arts produced within its diverse territories? How did visual artists working in the Early Modern Hispanic world reflect, represent, and reinterpret the material objects that surrounded them? And what do those objects tell us about the people who used them, adapted them, and gave them value?

Please send a 200 word abstract and CV to Carmen Ripollés ( and Amanda Wunder ( by April 1, 2016.