ASPHS local meeting subventions

At the business meeting at the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (ASPHS) 2013 annual meeting in Albuquerque, the membership voted in a new program to provide members with small subventions for regional and local gatherings for activities related to ASPHS’s mission to promote the scholarly study of Spain and Portugal through History and related disciplines

For the 2016-2017 academic year, there will be two funding cycles. The first deadline will be October 28, 2016. The second will be March 1, 2017. The total funds available for disbursement in each cycle will be $1000.

Members who wish to apply for subventions should prepare a proposal of no more than one page explaining the nature of the event and its connection to ASPHS’s mission. Proposals should be accompanied by a budget explaining how the requested funds will be expended. Please note that funding is intended to support workshops or gatherings; it will not be granted to support individual travel or research. Please send both the proposal and the budget to the members of the Executive Committee (;;;;;;;;;; ) on or before the deadline of each funding cycle. You must be a current member of ASPHS for your proposal to be considered.

Questions? Contact Sandie Holguín, General Secretary, at (Disregard the initial bounce-back message you might receive).