Fernando III y la Cruzada Hispánica

Fernando III y la Cruzada Hispánica

Volume 42 Issue 1

Author(s): Carlos de Ayala Martínez

Recommended Citation:

de Ayala Martínez, Carlos (2017) “Fernando III y la Cruzada Hispánica,” Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies: Vol. 42 : Iss. 1 , Article 3.



The present article examines the relationship between Fernando III of Castile-León and the phenomenon of crusading in which he was an active and frequent participant. The study makes an in important contribution to wider discussions of crusading and holy war in Iberia in the period by its patient excavation of the papal and local diplomatic material and the major chronicles from the period. Taken together, the argument of the essay shows that, far from being a passive recipient of the crusading movement and its rhetoric, Fernando and his court participated in the discourse of crusading and employed it in a fashion that alloyed the local traditions of war against Muslim powers in al-Andalus with larger European phenomenon.

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