Archivo General de la Universidad Complutense

The Archivo General de la Universidad Complutense website.

Archivo Histórico de Diputados

Archivo Histórico de Diputados (1810 – 1977) lets you search by profession, dates, name, elections, party, constituency.

Gaceta/Gazeta de Madrid

The Gaceta/Gazeta de Madrid is posted here in all its incarnations from 1661 until after the Transition.


H-Net has a discussion list on contemporary Spain: H-Spain.

Portal de Archivos Españoles (PARES)

The Portal de Archivos Españoles, PARES, provides access to materials in several different Spanish state archives.


Serai is an interdisciplinary place of exchange for scholars and others seeking to explore inter-cultural, -linguistic and -religious relations in the early modern period. We welcome those studying within and at the intersections of history, literature, visual culture, ethnography, architecture, translation studies, sexuality studies, post-colonial studies, and globalism, among other fields. Such transnational and trans-disciplinary perspectives will be the impetus of our quarterly blogs, photo essays, and spotlighted archival documents. We also seek to increase interdisciplinary awareness and participation by serving as a central site for the posting of CFPs, new publications and other announcements relevant to this broadly conceived field of study.

History Associates

History Associates is an organization comprised of historians, archivists and records managers. Collectively, our staff brings decades of practical experience and academic training to a broad array of research services and history projects. In addition to historical research, archival services, exhibit planning and records management, we are often a valuable resource for writers and reports who are researching a particular historical period or require assistance locating historical data or information.

Spanish Film Club (SFC)

Spanish Film Club (SFC) offers grants to universities to bring an Ibero-American film festival to campus. Grants cover between 30% and 50% of the costs and come with programming advice, as well as the possibility of scheduling Q&As with filmmakers. The deadline for grant applications is October 15, 2017.

Early Modern Spanish History Notes blog

Scott Taylor’s blog, Early Modern Spanish History Notes, features recent publications and reviews related to Spanish history.


“Spanish Fútbol” bibliography

Andrew H. Lee of New York University has shared a bibliography that he developed for the “Spanish Fútbol” roundtable at the San Diego conference.