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Serai is an interdisciplinary place of exchange for scholars and others seeking to explore inter-cultural, -linguistic and -religious relations in the early modern period. We welcome those studying within and at the intersections of history, literature, visual culture, ethnography, architecture, translation studies, sexuality studies, post-colonial studies, and globalism, among other fields. Such transnational and trans-disciplinary […]

History Associates

History Associates is an organization comprised of historians, archivists and records managers. Collectively, our staff brings decades of practical experience and academic training to a broad array of research services and history projects. In addition to historical research, archival services, exhibit planning and records management, we are often a valuable resource for writers and reports […]

Spanish Film Club (SFC)

Spanish Film Club (SFC) offers grants to universities to bring an Ibero-American film festival to campus. Grants cover between 30% and 50% of the costs and come with programming advice, as well as the possibility of scheduling Q&As with filmmakers. The deadline for grant applications is October 15, 2017. Visit https://pragda.com/spanish-film-club/.

Historias podcast

Foster Chamberlin’s podcast Historias is a set of interviews with historians on a wide range of topics in Spanish history. Visit https://historiaspodcast.org/.

Premodern Spanish History Association of the Midwest (PSHAM)

The Premodern Spanish History Association of the Midwest (PSHAM) was founded in 2001 to provide an opportunity for Hispanists to discuss current research and provide constructive criticism on works in progress. We meet annually on a Saturday in the spring (usually early March) and welcome participants in premodern Iberian studies, broadly defined, though works in […]