ASPHS is pleased to provide small subventions for regional and local meetings or workshops for activities related to our mission to promote the scholarly study of Spain and Portugal through History and related disciplines. The workshops need to be run by members of the ASPHS and funding preference will be given to those meetings that include more than one or two members of the ASPHS.

After a hiatus in this program due to COVID, we are issuing the first of the two funding cycles for the 2021-2022 academic year. The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2021. The total funds available for disbursement will be $1500.  Although we hope these meetings can be held primarily in person this year, we would also like to encourage you to consider some sort of hybrid event that could include those unable to attend in person.

Members who wish to apply for subventions should prepare a proposal of no more than one page explaining the nature of the event and its connection to ASPHS’s mission. Proposals should be accompanied by a budget explaining how the requested funds will be expended. Please note that funding is intended to support workshops and symposia; it will not be granted to support individual travel, research, or in-class presentations by an invited speaker. Please send both the proposal and the budget to the members of the Board of Directors (Darlene Abreu-Ferreira, Amanda Scott, Jodi Campbell,
Ana T. Valdez, Alejandra B. Osorio,
Andrea Davis, Ray Ball, Celine Dauverd, Silvia Z. Mitchell, Pamela Radcliff, Luis R. Corteguera, Clint Young on or before the deadline of each funding cycle. You must be a current member of ASPHS for your proposal to be considered.

Questions? Contact Association President Pamela Radcliff at


The ASPHS offers three prizes for excellence in scholarship in Iberian history. To be eligible, authors must be current members of the ASPHS.

The Association Best… Prize is offered each year, while as of 2020 the Bishko and Oliveira Marques prizes will be offered every other year. All prizes have a call for submissions in the fall (with the Bishko and Oliveira Marques submissions accepted in the fall of even-numbered years); prizes are awarded the following spring and announced at our annual conference. Each prize carries an honorarium of $250.

See the tabs below for information on each prize.