The Executive Committee’s duties are outlined in the ASPHS Constitution. Terms of office begin at the conclusion of the Business Meeting of the annual conference.

Current Officers

President (2018-2020)
Scott Eastman
Creighton University

Vice President (to be elected in 2019 for a one-year term)

Membership Secretary/Treasurer (2018-20)
Pamela Radcliff
University of California-San Diego

Editor of the Bulletin
Andrew H. Lee
New York University

Web Site Editor
Jodi Campbell
Texas Christian University

Newsletter Editor
Clinton Young
University of Arkansas at Monticello

Executive Committee

Katrina Olds (2019)
University of San Francisco

David Messenger (2019)
University of South Alabama

Rachel (Ray) Ball (2020)
University of Alaska-Anchorage

Kyle Lincoln (2020)
Kalamazoo College

Isabel Correa da Silva (2020)
Universidade de Lisboa

Mercedes Llorente (2020)
Universidade Nova Lisboa

Nominating Committee

Carmen Saen de Casas (2019)
Lehman College, City University of New York

Gina Herrmann (2019) (serving a half term, to be followed by Kirsten Schultz)
University of Oregon

Ana Valdez (2020)
CIDEHUS-UÉvora and the Centre of History of the University of Lisbon