ESPORA is the official electronic mail information and discussion list for the ASPHS. ESPORA is now hosted at the University of California-Davis; we warmly thank Jack Owens and Idaho State University for having housed and administered the list for the past several years.

Debate and discussion of all aspects of Iberian history and culture, in any chronological era, are welcome. Members may distribute news and information on their own and ASPHS activities and projects via ESPORA. List membership is open to anyone interested in Iberian history.

ESPORA replaced the original list, ESPORA-L, which was sponsored for many years by the University of Kansas.


To send a message to the list, use the address

To subscribe to the list, send an email to with the following body text:

subscribe espora

To unsubscribe, use the following body text:

unsubscribe espora

For both subscriptions and unsubscriptions, you will receive an email at the address from which you sent your request. You must reply to that email or visit the web links contained in that email to confirm your subscription choice.

If you have questions or encounter any problems, contact list administrator Francisco Eissa-Barroso at

The ESPORA archive is now housed at the University of California-Davis as well. The archive, accessible to list subscribers only, is at this link:
The first time you enter the archive, you will need to click on “Others users click here” and then “First login?” to create a username and password.