Thanks to all who contributed to the success of our 49th annual meetinghosted by Portland State University, Portland, Oregon!

Click here for the 2018 conference program.

The 50th Annual Conference of the ASPHS will take place in Barcelona at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, July 10-13, 2019. Stephen (Jake) Jacobson will be the local organizer, and Pol Dalmau and Vanessa de Cruz will be the program organizers. The reception will be on Wednesday July 10th, and the panels will begin on the morning of Thursday July 11th.

Participants in the conference must be members of the ASPHS.  Graduate students presenting a paper for the first time at an ASPHS conference will receive a free membership for their first year, but must still register as members.  Membership information may be found on the Membership section of this website.  Please direct further questions about membership to Membership Secretary, Pamela Radcliff (