Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

*A note on the difference between the Bulletin and the Newsletter: In 2010, the Newsletter was established as a separate publication that focuses on news of the society, professional conferences and events of interest to Iberian historians, and activities of the membership. To see current and former editions of the Newsletter, click here.

The Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. The Bulletin is now open access, with no subscription required. Please see current and past issues at http://digitalcommons.asphs.net/bsphs/. BSPHS is an annual digital peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing high quality original scholarly pieces addressing any aspect of the history of Spain, Portugal, or their influences in the wider world. This journal continues the Bulletin of the Association published in print since 1993.

BSPHS embraces a cross-disciplinary approach. We accept works of historical content and/or historical relevance belonging to disciplines outside the field of History such as Literary Studies, Historical Sociology, Historical Anthropology, Art History, etcetera. The main contents of the BSPHS are scholarly individual or coauthored articles and book reviews. Eventually we expect the inclusion of discussion forums and bibliographical reviews. The Bulletin does not accept unsolicited book reviews.



General Editor:
Andrew H. Lee, New York University
Managing Editors:
Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez, Trent University
Rita Costa Gomes, Towson University
Dan Crews, University of Central Missouri
Book Review Editor:
Andrea R. Davis, Arkansas State University

Back Issues
Hard copies of back issues of the Bulletin are held in the ASPHS archive at the University of California, San Diego. There are also web-based versions of some Bulletin issues (2007-2009) available at this site: www.ucmo.edu/asphs.